Diane Dario


Always an avid reader, Diane was introduced to the world of historical romance at the age of fourteen by favorite aunt. From that day, she determined to create her own world of romance, filled with the British aristocracy and the turbulent Regency Era, during and after the Napoleonic Wars.
When not reading or writing about Dukes, Earls, and their ladies, Diane spends her time making beautiful memories with her husband and children, attending the ballet, or watching movies (love stories, of course!).
Diane hopes you will enjoy her debut novella, Rake's Redemption, a story of a love interrupted, and the enduring hope that brings two hearts together. Her next release will be a Christmas novella, followed by a full length novel early next year.

You can learn more about her characters and the places where her stories take place by checking out her boards on Pinterest!

Her Book!

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