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Author Allie Marie grew up in Virginia. Her favorite childhood pastime was reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries. When she embarked on a new vocation writing fiction after retiring from a career in law enforcement, it would have been understandable if her first book was a crime story. Researching her own family tree inspired her to write the True Colors Series instead. The other stories are patiently waiting their turn.


The first book, TEARDROPS OF THE INNOCENT: The White Diamond Story scheduled was released in fall 2015.

The second and third books are scheduled for release in winter and spring 2016.


Besides family, her passions are travel and camping with her husband Jack.








Allie Marie
author of the TRUE COLORS Series
Book 1: Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond Story (available now)
Book 2: Heart of Courage: The Red Ruby Story (available winter 2016)
Book 3: Voice of the Just: The Blue Sapphire Story (available spring 2016)

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