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What we do!

With the ease of  self publishing came an explosion of new authors. What makes your work stand out? Is it your story? Your cover? Is it the editing? Your sales will not be determined by your story alone. You need an attention grabbing cover and flawless editing! Our job is to put the same quality and care in the services that we provide as you put into your book! Choosing high quality editing and publishing services will give you the positive results you want from day one! We believe that fantastic new authors are just waiting for their chance to share their stories. With that in mind, we have designed programs to assist in the success of authors with all levels of publishing experience. Whether you want a publisher to provide everything from editing to publishing, or you want top quality resources so you can successfully self publish, we're here for you!



What we offer!

•Developmental and line edits


•Custom Cover Art


•Author Website

•Publishing on all e-pub sites

Publishing for Print on Demand Services


•Promotional Products

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Kimberly Court 

"My nephew needs a cover for his first book. Being my nephew is 13 yrs old you would think it would be difficult to understand what the boy wants for a cover. AEP Book Covers was able to do exactly as requested, and the cover looks really good. My nephew is so happy with the cover, loves to show it off to anyone who will look. I will be recommending him to everyone."


“AEP Book Covers created a top notch, custom cover in a really short period of time. I didn't think I could afford a high quality, customized cover. He proved me wrong and I plan to use his services for the second book in my series.”

R.L. Syme

One More Time Editing not only exceeded my expectations of the chapter-edit, but as I started asking questions about the process and the product, I got the sense that the staff at OMTE was going to care as much about doing their job with excellence as I do about mine.”

Trish McCallan

"I heard about you two weeks ago on the Indieromanceloop . My regular editor couldn't adjust her schedule when I had to push back my dates, so I was looking for another editor to work with.  I was certain I was going to have to drop out of the boxset. But then you posted to the loop, and ... you had a number of great references. I checked out the books you'd edited, read their reviews to make sure there were no complaints of grammar or spelling errors, and read several samples. When both reviews and samples were clean I contacted you. And you emailed back immediately.  If it hadn ' t been for your ability to adjust to the flow I would have had to drop put of the [boxed] set so I'm very grateful. :) And you have a loyal client from here on out."

“ I didn't know what to expect when it came time for my cover. AEP Book Covers made it easy. James is great to work with. He has the vision and gets what an author is looking for. With a simple explanation of story line and characters he made an amazingly beautiful cover that is more perfect than I'd imagined. I will be using AEP Book Covers on my next book.

A.L. Davis
Jake Harris